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Transpersonal Counseling

Shontae works specifically for those looking for guidance on their soul journey. Key demographics are: healers, empaths, coaches, entrepreneurs, POC, teens and kids. Metaphysical, somatic, and energy emphasis. Examples of tools used and session focus are: guided meditation, reiki, CBT, working in nature, ancestor work, somatic techniques, manifesting, hypnosis, and trance work. Shontae's style is professional and eclectic for a one of a kind experience you will not find anywhere else. Spaces are limited.

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Shontae provides coaching for highly motivated professionals, healers, and individuals who are ready to overhaul their life. Services currently include metaphysical entrepreneurship, goddess coaching, and spiritual coaching. In session Shontae focuses on guiding individuals through goal setting, abundance building, and energetically organizing their lives to take their vibration to the next level. Spaces are limited.

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Metaphysical Entrepreneurship

Shontae's newest coaching services is truly one-of-a-kind. For the highly motivated professional looking to launch into a new, and magical level. Beyond business classes. Bypassing financials courses...

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Tarot Readings

From small readings to elaborate sacred readings, Shontae's tarot readings will leave you feeling ready for your your path. Readings are a fun way to work on wellness and step into the mysterious world of magic. Great for groups and parties! Just ask.

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Goddess Sessions

These sessions are focused on opening up the sacral chakra, healing the wounds of the womb, and opening up the power of feminine energy. Emphasis on somatic techniques, sensuality, and ritual. Welcome your divine gifts.

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Want more? More community? More magic? More connection?

Shontae's online and in-person community, The Soul Academy, is a place to meet your tribe. Created for professionals, wellness warriors, empaths, and healers of all types to connect, share, and pool energy together to grow together. Walking your soul path can be difficult, do it with those who get it, and get you.

The Soul Academy



  • Connect in a spiritual community
  • Push yourself with weekly challenges
  • Elevate yourself with ever-growing wellness content
  • Strengthen your body with yoga videos
  • Master your mind with meditation practices
  • In-person meetups
  • Weekly lives
  • ..and much more!

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Hi, I'm Shontae, and I am a guide for those looking to open the world of the unseen. The felt, the deep, the messy, and the magical: these are the things that I live each day. In my 16 years in the field I've learned a very valuable truth, life is too short to be normal. I make every day count.


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What clients are saying...


Brenda F.

"After my sessions with Shontae, I have felt centered and grounded, happy, reminded of my authentic self, extremely confident, full of energy and zest for life, hopeful, inspired, and more clear on how to make decisions for myself."


"Shontae is incredible. She is a great listener and does her job very well. I have loved getting her advice and input on different practices I can incorporate into my lifestyle for a more connected, peaceful, and happy experience. She is very intuitive and has helped me with exactly what I need while being supportive and empowering me to accept and love myself. Definitely recommend Shontae as a therapist!!"


"Shontae is providing me with valuable tools and techniques to help me on my journey and I appreciate the depth and breadth of her expertise. I would recommend Shontae to others seeking therapy and support."

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