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You are searching for something. And yet, no matter how many books you have read, quizzes you have taken, or experiences you have have yet to find it. This feeling within is powerful, pushing us to launch into space, dive into mysterious ocean depths, and lose ourselves across the four corners of this earth. The possibilities for this undefined exploration are endless. And yet, we find no relief.

This is because what you are searching for The observer. It is not what you are observing, but whom is observing. You are what you are searching for. You are the last frontier with depths unknown. You are capable of destruction and creation. You hold the secrets to the answers you seek. Are you brave enough to discover them?

I am Shontae

Wellness has been the focus of my life for the majority of it. I spent countless years working on my mental health to buff out all of my imperfections, weaknesses, and flaws. I knew I had to be stronger, better, perfect. Despite the years I pushed to be better somehow I seemed to be getting worse. Instead of healed, I found myself alone, sad, mentally crippled. No matter how hard I tried to be well, I seemed to be a woman consumed with dis-ease. It took me a long time to realize my logic was fundamentally flawed.

How can I ever be healed, if I believe I am broken?

As I met countless people, with traumatic  pasts and mental illness, I saw the same pattern. They all thought they were bad, broken, weak. My clients cry, show weakness, question themselves, doubt their worth. And yet, with each and every client I have worked with I have seen nothing but strength, beauty, and power. Not despite their flaws...because of them. Not in their futures...but in the now. You see, I am not a normal therapist. I do not do normal wellness work. I work with clients on that deep soul stuff. The messy, the hidden. I help my clients walk into the fires of their desires, the waters of their heart, and the wonder of their souls. 

Hi, my name is Shontae. I am broken, messy, and human. I am a catalyst of change, light bearer, and shit talker. I am good at what I do and I am only accepting the imperfect and courageous. You want to live free? Then we have work to do.



“Life Changing.”

Brenda F.

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Sometimes you are called to make deep, lasting change in your life. To go beyond the mind, and explore the wilds of the body and spirit. Explore the unknown with your guide, Shontae.

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Need a wellness tool right now? Relax and connect with your body with this progressive muscle relaxation audio.

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"After my sessions with Shontae, I have felt centered and grounded, happy, reminded of my authentic self, extremely confident, full of energy and zest for life, hopeful, inspired, and more clear on how to make decisions for myself."

-Brenda F.

"Shontae is incredible. She is a great listener and does her job very well. I have loved getting her advice and input on different practices I can incorporate into my lifestyle for a more connected, peaceful, and happy experience. She is very intuitive and has helped me with exactly what I need while being supportive and empowering me to accept and love myself. Definitely recommend Shontae as a therapist!!"

-Anonymous Review

"Shontae is providing me with valuable tools and techniques to help me on my journey and I appreciate the depth and breadth of her expertise. I would recommend Shontae to others seeking therapy and support."

-Anonymous Review