About Me

I live, eat, and breathe wellness.

I have been in the wellness field since 2007, but my love for people has been something I came into this world with. My drive to understand people came from my unique way of seeing and feeling things. Most of the people I met were confusing: what I felt from them was not how they acted. What they said was not what I understood to be true in their soul. This duality of authentic nature and imbalanced presentation created a lot of struggle for me. In fact, as a deeply sensitive empath and psychic, I just thought something must be wrong with me. So, I spent the entirety of my life trying to understand people. My own journey aside, this created a hell of solid knowledge base for the human condition. When combined with my burgeoning spiritual gifts, my work in this field is highly effective. You see, wellness is not just a career for me, it is my soul path. It is what I came here to understand, excel at, and help evolve. There are many things I am uncertain of in life...my ability to help other's is not one of them.

I am what is known as a transpersonal therapist, however, labels are not very indicative of what I do. In a nutshell, I employ various methods, wear various career titles, and employ a ever-growing set of skills and tools towards helping souls re-align themselves, and fall onto their soul path. This can also be thought of as creating the life that you want, achieving the goals you want, leveling up, healing through trauma, and re-balancing mind, body, and soul. Transcending the negative mindset into one of abundance is foundational to our work. I am meant to be a guide, shining light into shadow so you can see your truth. When you are on your path, possibility abounds, and your life thrives.

 Services with me will push you, support you, love you, and break you. It is the nature of waking up and evolving. However, you will never feel more seen, heard, and ready for your life. You will be, once and for all, alive, not simply existing. I welcome those who would walk beside me.




Ready to heal? Here are a few ways to get started. 

Mental Health Counseling

Space is limited for personal work with Shontae. Book a consult to discuss your options for mental health counseling and hypnotherapy or a hypnosis session.

Goddess 3-month Coaching  Experience

Tap into you divine feminine by healing wounds and working with the wisdom of a chosen Goddess. Space is limited.

Tarot Readings

Want to walk on the magical side? Tarot readings a re a great way to start. Shontae's readings are all about your soul path, blocks, and areas that are lacking support in your life right now. Book a shorter session for quick clarity. Book a Sacred Healing Session to do deep healing.

Want to organize your life...magically?

These planner pages focus on getting your life organized while keeping wellness in mind. Pastel hues and a celestial theme are the backdrop to your magical planner content. Focus on gratitude, energy, and self-care with wellness focused organization. Works with our Magical Organization weekly live in our communities.

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Shontae is specialized in hypnotherapy, energy work or reiki, somatic guidance, meditation, chakra balancing, psychic and empath skill development, manifesting and abundance work, goddess and divine feminine work, divine masculine work, children and teens, tarot and oracle wellness work, magic and crystals, Internal Family Systems Theory, CBT, and exposure therapy. She works with many different diagnosis, but specializes in bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, trauma, autism spectrum disorder, and personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. 

Education and Experience

In 2007, Shontae became an entry-level tech for a local Developmental Disability Agency. She worked with children, men, and women with developmental disabilities and mental health diagnosis specifically for the next 11 years. Graduating in 2012 with a B.S. in psychology saw Shontae's career shift to a focus of crisis and acute symptomology. From here, Shontae began to hone her ability to understand complex behaviors as she worked as a habilitative interventionist and crisis interventionist/therapeutic consultant.

Shontae acquired her M.S. in Clinical Psychology, with specializations in clinical counseling and sex therapy in June of 2017. She logged hundreds of therapeutic hours to pursue her counseling license, and in June 2018 officially became a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

In July 2018, Shontae became employed as a school counselor at Garden Valley School in Garden Valley, Idaho. Here she served as counselor for approximately 250 students. During this time Shontae worked countless hours with children, ages 3-19, in the school setting.

In June 2020 Shontae created her business, Hip and Happy LLC. Hip and Happy LLC is a wellness business which focuses on transpersonal counseling, high level coaching, energy work, and magical services. Along the way, Shontae has picked up her certification in hypnotherapy, developed proficiency in mindfulness and meditation, and begun to explore holistic and metaphysical supports for wellbeing.

Shontae is a Boise, Idaho native, graduating from Boise High school. She is an avid adventurer and lover of nature. She loves traveling and exploring the wilderness of Idaho, but also has an affinity for Miami and her wild seas. She is an artist, a writer, tarot reader, and psychic. Shontae loves spending time with her family and friends, and obsessively caring for her ever-growing number of plants. Her best friend is her cocker spaniel, Luna, and you can find her and Luna amicably arguing in their home in Idaho.