Hello, I'm Shontae Cone.

Wellness has been the focus of my life for the majority of it. I spent countless years working on my mental health to buff out all of my imperfections, weaknesses, and flaws. I knew I had to be stronger, better, perfect.

Why isn't it working?


Despite the years I pushed to be better somehow I seemed to be getting worse. Instead of healed I found myself alone, sad, and mentally crippled. No matter how hard I tried to be well, I seemed to be a woman consumed with dis-ease. It took me a long time to realize my logic was fundamentally flawed.


How could I ever be healed, if I fundamentally believed I was broken?


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Love what you do...

As I met countless people, with traumatic  pasts and mental illness, I saw the same pattern. They all thought they were bad, broken, weak. My clients cry, show weakness, question themselves, doubt their worth. And yet, with each and every client I have worked with I have seen nothing but strength, beauty, and power. Not despite their flaws...because of them. Not in their futures...but in the now. You see, I am not a normal therapist. I do not do normal wellness work. I work with clients on that deep soul stuff. The messy, the hidden. I help my clients walk into the fires of their desires, the waters of their heart, and the wonder of their souls.  

Hi, my name is Shontae Cone


I am broken, messy, and human. I am a catalyst of change, light bearer, and shit talker. I am good at what I do and I am only accepting the imperfect and courageous. You want to live free? Then we have work to do.

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